Sunday, July 29, 2012

Llama Llama Holiday Drama - By Anna Dewdney

With only 2 years under this story's proverbial belt, Llama Llama Holiday Drama has reached the number five spot on a list of the top 10 Christmas books for kids. Best read to children of ages 3 and up, this books tells the tale of Llama Llama as he stresses over the preparation for Christmas. "Just how many days to go. Llama Llama wants to know!" He's filled to the brim with excitement, turning to impatience and anxiety over what still has to be done for the holidays. This is a book that strives to teach children a moral lesson through the perspective of a relatable creature. Rife with messages and life lessons, Llama Llama Holiday Drama educates children on the importance of patience and keeping calm.

What is Llama Llama Holiday Drama all about?

Llama Llama is a young Llama who has a problem with patience. He wants Christmas to hurry up and come -- but as it gets closer, he panics and becomes overwhelmed by all there is to do. He revels in how stores are preparing for the holidays with their, "Fluffy snow and funny elves. Goodies piled high on shelves."

He and his mother go through the usual preparations of unpacking Christmas decorations, such as stockings and special silver trays for holiday parties. Still, Christmas isn't coming fast enough as, "Llama Llama waits, waits, waits." Llama Llama eases his anxiety by making sugar cookies with his mother.

Towards the end of the book, Llama Llama's mom snuggles and cuddles her little Llama, reassuring him that Christmas will come sooner than he thinks. It's a story of love and understanding, as the mama Llama never loses her patience with Llama Llama. Instead, this book dives into the mentality of smaller children to offer kindness and a message of patience when their excitement is overwhelming.


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