Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Care and Keeping of You - By Valorie Schaefer and Norm Bendell

The Care and Keeping of You is on the top of a list for the best chapter books for kids because it explains touchy subjects in a direct way. Written with girls in mind, this book takes you through hair care, the importance of facial cleansing, washing hands, and a great deal more -- covering every body part and subject from head to toe. Learning to take care of themselves is an integral part of a child's growing up process, and this book allows children to learn at their own pace about matters that may be too embarrassing to talk about with parents.

What's in The Care and Keeping of You book?

Known also as the "Body Book for Girls," the chapters covered can be used to teach boys about certain things, as well. For example, male children might be perplexed over how the menustration chapter would pertain to them, but they'll find the acne treatments and deodorant suggestions to be useful. The chapters go through the process of discussing why it's important to keep our bodies clean and well-groomed. In addition, there are 2 chapters in the back specifically for girls which features information on what a period is (and why it's 100% normal) and body hair.

While puberty and the changes of a body are covered in this book, sex isn't. That talk is best left to the parents because some adults will prefer their children not learn about sex or the act of intimacy until the right time. With the targeted audience for this book being between the ages of 9 and 12, sex might be a topic that would be off-limits; therefore, this is one pubescent book that respects the wishes of most parents on those matters.

Overall, The Care and Keeping of You is the ultimate body book for kids who are experiencing the traumatic throes of their changing appearance. Parents can rest assured that this book can be passed down through generations in their family; plus, it makes children feel more comfortable about talking these things over and asking questions with their parents.


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