Wednesday, July 25, 2012

National Geographic Little Kids Magazine - For Preschoolers & Parents

The National Geographic Little Kids Magazine was polled as one of the top 10 kids magazines preferred by parents in 2012. However, staring at the aforementioned poll won't tell other parents why they should subscribe to this magazine for their preschoolers and kindergarteners. How can these parents tell if this magazine contains the right tales and fun facts for their batch of little ones?

-- National Geographic Little Kids Magazine offers a free trial to curious parents, inclusive of one detailed magazine for the month and an optional subscription sign-up form. Each issue is 24 pages long, with up to 19 of those being nothing but colorful, appealing pictures of landmarks or animals for children to awe over.

This magazine is also rife with activities, such as search & find games, riddle solving, joke telling, and solving mazes, among other things. Each issue also revolves around a theme or a certain place. For example, an issue with Africa as a focal point will offer interesting, understandable tidbits on culture, followed by whole sections dedicated to African animals and their unusual or extraordinary habits.

-- This magazine is best for kids between the ages of 3-5, because the photographs are designed to amaze and keep their interest. Fortunately, children and adults of all ages can enjoy each issue, as well. There's no age limit on learning about innovative and interesting things! Tear-out cards feature full-colored photographs of different animals in relation to their natural habitat, complete with facts on the back of each card.

-- One of the best and most important deal-sealers of this magazine are the prices for subscription. 6 issues over a 12 month period will only set parents back $15. That's exponentially less than other, lesser quality magazines targeted towards children. It's also an investment in a child's flourishing knowledge and imagination.

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