Thursday, May 8, 2014

3 Disney Books about Friendship & Family in 2014

The best Disney books for kids this year focus on friendship and family – two of the most important things that assist in the amazing, intelligent development of a healthy, happy child.

And friendship and family don’t have to be separate. You can be best friends with your sometimes-annoying siblings, or consider all close friends your family. It can be anyone – no matter size, shape, color, or gender – because you can love and cherish anyone. This is the message that Disney strives to send to youngsters, eliminating the prejudice of today’s society and accentuating the positivity of having people you care for who care for you.

3 of the best Disney books 2014 to convey this message are:


Disney Bedtime Favorites Storybook Collection

In my humble opinion, bedtime is the best time for Disney! Kiddos can drift to dreamland with awesome life lessons and sweet stories on their mind, making for the best dreams. This collection has 19 original Disney stories in one book, complete with beautifully gilded pages and over 250 brilliant illustrations. Characters range from the noble Mufasa to the curious Nemo and everyone in between.

Plus, each story says something about friendship and the power of family.


Disney’s Frozen (Little Golden Book)

Anna is a young dreamer with a penchant for flights of imaginative fancy. She’s a fantastical beauty and hopeless romantic who has grown up with visions of the proverbial sugarplums and happiness dancing in her head. Whereas, her sister Elsa is the polar opposite. She has a wintry gift – a magical ability that allows her to turn everything around her into an icy realm of chills and snowflakes. And she despises it.

This tale is one of the best from Disney – EVER. The songs have stilled the world, and the movie is amazing. The story embellishes the bond between sisters, and how love can overcome the coldest heart.


Disney Cars Storybook Collection

Direct from the Pixar studios, Cars was an instant favorite amidst adorable fans the world over. This storybook puts the speedy friends in over a dozen tales of fast-blooming friendship. There are movie retellings, silly shorts, and a few bedtime stories, featuring the always goofy and loveable Tow-Mater. I suggest trying to read Tow’s stories in his voice. Youngsters will love it!

As with all the Disney collections, this book has amazing gilded pages, each brimming with beautiful illustrations in lustrous colors.


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