Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Three Creative Books for 6-Year Old Readers 2014

The key to teaching children how to read is creativity that makes reading fun. Kiddos that view reading as a go-to hobby are more likely to do well in school because they’re teaching themselves new words, grammatical accuracy, and sentence structure with every story.

As a promoter of young readers and literacy overall, I have compiled a short-list naming 3 of the most creative, 2014 books for 6-year olds.

Each of the following stories are thought-provoking and artistic, encouraging children to look beyond the written word and use their imaginations to “see” scene:


The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

BRILLIANT! I love this book because I had always wondered what crayons talked about when their box was closed. In this story, Duncan goes to draw and finds all of his crayons have gone on strike. They’re not coloring until their demands are met!

The yellow and orange are arguing over which one is the true color of sunshine, blue is overworked and tired of drawing lakes and ponds, and black wants more outlining work. The concept is hilarious and Duncan goes through a range of laugh-out-loud emotions before settling on a heart-warming solution.


Journey by Aaron Becker

In my opinion, this book is an essential must-have for adults and kiddos alike. Instead of relying on one-liners and kid-friendly laughs, this story has substance as a true literary great. The illustrations are beautifully detailed in vibrant colors, and the words are poetic with imagery and perfect allusions. Truly gripping, riveting, and awe-inspiring!

What is this story about? Well, a little girl finds a red marker, and begins drawing because she’s a budding artist. She draw doorways, magic carpets, boats, and hundreds of other entryways into fantastical realms. She explores everything around her, leaving no nook and cranny undiscovered as she traipses through one amazing world after another.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

After a newborn caterpillar begins eating his way across the pages, he cannot stop! He’s simply too hungry, and there are too many good foods to be had from one page to another. As he munches, his tummy becomes bigger and bigger, until the caterpillar has more than doubled in size. With a bellyache and high hopes, he cocoons, eventually emerging as a beautiful, vivid butterfly.

This story is awesome and timeless – it teaches youngsters about scientific metamorphosis in ways they can understand.

Check out more - Here is a fun slideshow resource for the 2014 top selling and most highly rated books for 6 year olds this year:

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