Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Best Reads for 8-Year Old Bookworms in 2014

It warms my heart when kiddos are self-proclaimed bookworms! And for those reading-loving cuties the world-over, I’ve compiled an awesome short-list of 3 books for 8-year olds in 2014.

These stories make memories by being fascinating, captivating, and overall great reads. They’re told from different points-of-view with unique themes and attention-grabbing storylines. Plus, there are riveting illustrations in vivid, vibrant colors!

Each of the following books was picked because they evoke strong emotion, creating imagery that unveils a fantastic story within your child’s mind. And they’re all personal favorites that are must-haves in my home.


Wonder by R. J. Palacio

August Pullman (Auggie to his friends) was born with a deformity on his face – one that kept him out of public school until 5th grade. But entering mainstream education and social interaction isn’t that easy. Instead of making best buddies right away, Auggie finds himself the subject of cruel conversations, pranks, and insensitive questions.

However, persevering through the pain of being bullied, Auggie finds a group of close friends – ones that teach him acceptance, loyalty, and kindness.

This story is unique because the points-of-view constantly change from Auggie, to his sister and her boyfriend, to classroom peers, teachers, and tons of others that are seeing the situation differently.


The Giver by Lois Lowry

There are two editions to this book – one is the original released in 2002. The other is completely illustrated, described as a “gift” edition, and it’s totally awesome.

Both editions feature the same amazing story about 12-year old Jonas and his perfect world. His community is fragile and literally perfect – there’s no crime, war, or pain, and everyone has their job to do. However, every-so-often, life assignments choose who will learn of the world’s past, and Jonas is next in line to keep his community’s darkest secrets.


Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Seuss has a way with words – obviously – and this book is his tribute to growing up. With rhymes and prose that kiddos can understand, Seuss tells his readers that they can do everything and be anything. The story’s little boy spreads his proverbial wings, traveling anywhere he wants to go to explore and discover brand-new things.

This book would be the perfect gift for graduates and 20-somethings who have decided to leave home. And it’s also a great present for youngsters with big dreams and high hopes.


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