Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Most Adorable Books for Babies in 2014

A strong love for books can be instilled early with easy-read sight-words, bold colors, and vibrant pictures – all the things that would instantly grab and hold the attention of tiny kiddos.

I am 100% an advocate for little readers, and I’ve picked a winning trio of adorable baby books in 2014. Each book provides the perfect starting point for miniature toddlers, and most of them are ideal bedtime stories. Some are provocative with deeper meanings that will tug at heart-strings, others are simple with little words for the grasp of young readers-to-be.

And those amazing 3 are:


Lamaze Cloth Book for Babies

There are 6 of these super-cool books! They crinkle softly with peek-a-boo flaps and unique storylines featuring awesome animals. There’s an owl that leads youngsters through a forest of wonders, a treasure-hunting octopus with tons of underwater friends, and noble horse that has a job with a valiant knight in Medieval times (to name a few).

The colors are bold and vivid with stimulating scenes on a plush cover, and a self-discovery mirror so kiddos can see themselves (surprise).


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

A young rabbit is doing everything he can to stall bedtime! This concept is one that everyone can relate to, whether you’re a youngster avoiding snoozing, or a parent trying desperately to get your toddler to sleep. Beginning a strong, matter-of-fact tone, the storyline narration tapers down to a soft, gentle whisper – reminiscent of a lullaby.

By the time this bunny has said his goodnights to everything, including the moon, your little lady or lad will likely be slumbering sweetly. And if not, this story never gets old – so give it another go before switching on late-night cartoons for a kid that simply will not sleep.


Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

Out of all the years I’ve been writing about children and their interests, this book is the sweetest, most heart-warming story I’ve ever encountered.

A mother is rocking her baby, singing to him a song about how she will always love him, forever and ever. And as he gets older, she continues to rock, sing, and love him – going as far as to sneak into his bedroom as an adult to rock and sing while he sleeps. Then, she ages, and the tables are turned when the boy (now a man) begins rocking, singing, and taking care of his mother.


Here is a reading of my personal favorite as a mother of the books listed above - Goodnight Moon:

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