Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Books For 8-Year Old Girls

Their bodies are changing, their minds are becoming more unique, and girls will have an especially difficult time adjusting. Which is why some of the best books for 8-year olds are geared towards little ladies; those who need an outlet of understanding, with relatable characters, realistic situations, and good ole' fashioned fun.

For example:


The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book For Younger Girls (Revised - Valorie Schaefer)

This book is a modern solution to the question of flourishing hormone levels, questions about self-care, and growing up. Girls are presented with colorful illustrations and led through each section by a variety of characters that are making the transition from child to teen. It covers everything, from healthy eating and body changes, to periods and pimples; all in ways that youngsters will learn and understand. Facts and how-tos are coupled with lighthearted humor to keep each segment personal and friendly.


Charlotte's Web (E.B. White)

Written for all ages and genders, this book will be especially sentimental to little ladies because the protagonist is a unique, enthusiastic, and compassionate female. Heartfelt and beautiful, this classic tale is spun around a girl named Fern and her animal friends on the farm; Wilbur, a pig she's saved from certain doom, and an artistic, kindhearted spider named Charlotte. It's a generational story of friendship and enduring love!


Wonder (R.J. Palacio)

For kids, bullying is a constant fear and struggle. This book is about a little boy who teaches his classmates about compassion, acceptance, and endurance. Born with a facial deformity and homeschooled until the 5th grade, August faces daily jeers and struggles, overcoming them all to make friends and settle into his new start at a public school. It's a fresh, empathetic look at how acceptance can change everything for the better.


Find more great picks in books for both girls and boys 8 years of age:


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