Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Board Books of Sandra Boynton

In the world of the best board books, Sandra Boynton is synonymous with words like fantastic, amazing, talented, and successful. With a career that spans over 40 books and 4000 greeting cards, this children's author understand what it takes to write colorful, well-loved, and simple stories for the younger generation.

The following three board books are some of this author's best work, in the opinion of many parents and children around the world.

The Going-To-Bed Book

Brimming with silliness, this tale follows the animals on the well-known Noah's Ark. "The sun has set not long ago," as each animal rushes down to the boat's bedrooms to prepare for bedtime. From taking a bath to putting on pajamas and brushing their teeth, all of the Ark's animals are scrambling to get comfortable enough to sleep. There are funny illustrations of grinning elephants, happy pigs, curious hippos, and laidback lions! Written in a neater child's scrawl, the whole book is relatable, as kids will see that even their favorite characters have bedtime routines before drifting to dreamland.


Barnyard Dance!

Back with another animal theme, Boynton writes of dancing cows and waltzing chickens in this barnyard-inspired board book. "Bow to the horse! Bow to the cow! Twirl with the pig if you know how!" These animals are having a hilariously good time while the farmer is away, pouncing and pounding their feet across the grass with every tongue-twisting rhyme. Spinning, promenading, and moving in all kinds of ways all over the pages, this is an animal-filled book of perfect proportions for your little bedtime reader.



What child doesn't love a puppy?! From big and small, Boynton's book about pooches has it all. Kids will learn to count with the barks of each dog. For example, 1 Dog goes "Woof!" in a barotone, while you can imagine when the short, chunky fifth dog says "Bow Wow Wow Wow Wow!" It's a cute book with durable pages for years of bedtime reading.

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