Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Best Magazines For Kids in 2013

All trash-talking tabloids and store-front gossip columns aside (and hidden away from young eyes), the best magazines for kids in 2013 are nurturing to a child's flourishing imagination, creativity, and hobbies. These publications allow children to expand their interests with short articles, fun facts, and easy-to-understand tidbits; there are even games in many of the children's magazines available today.

With that in mind, purchasing a subscription, or simply picking up an issue or two whenever they're accessible, is a great way to keep your kids up-to-date on the latest must-have details of their favorite activities, animals, sports, and overall passions.


National Geographic Little Kids

Published every 2 months, a one year subscription to this magazine will yield 6 beautifully photographed and intriguing issues. It's specifically designed to entice and appeal to younger children, with full-colored animal layouts, cut-out keepsake cards, and glossy tear-out posters. The text is written in large, fun fonts and each of the pages is filled to brimming with animal, science, and cultural articles, arts & crafts, and cute activities for all ages to enjoy. There are also occasional writing or drawing contests with winners featured in upcoming issues.


Ranger Rick

A magazine with a vivacious raccoon narrator and his posse of animal pals, each publication is based on each critter's adventures around the world and in their natural habitats. The issues strive to teach kids how to respect nature and the Earth, as a whole. Included are games, modern news about cultures, animals, and science, riddles, contest, and constant streams of ongoing activities. There are even suggestion for outdoor arts & crafts, fit for fun and involving the entire family. Named periodical of the year in 2009, this magazine gives a whopping 10 issues in a single year, each packed with stunning pictures and cool facts.


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