Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Funniest Picture Books For Kindle

Humor makes the world go around! Not literally, but in theory, as children and adults seek the funny moments in life on a daily basis. It's a little known fact that kids giggle over 200 times a day!  =)  Whereas, grown-ups laugh less often, but usually in tandem with their offspring. It's these bonding times that hold the highest places in our fondest memories. With that in mind, eReaders and hilarious antics have combined in the funniest Kindle picture books for kids. Illustrated to evoke gut-busting amusement, these reads are the glue for a happy bedtime and a stronger parent-child connection.


Ribbit! (Rodrigo Folgueria)

This story is about a boisterous little, pink piggy that has struck a chord of curiosity among the other farm and pond animals. Sitting on a rock, he elicits a very loud, very happy "RIBBIT!" The frogs can't help but feel confused and a little mocked. Why is this miniature grunt making that sound? Does he want to be a frog? Is he making fun of the frogs' sounds? Soon, all the animals get in on the chaos, listening intently and discussing the piglet in loud, confused voices. With the help of a wise beetle, the animals discover the reason behind the pig's misplaced outcries, finding friendship and acceptance along the way. A book of clever words, super-cute drawings, and hysterical speech bubbles, this tale is about the power of understanding and appreciating differences.


Those Darn Squirrels! (Adam Rubin & Daniel Salmieri)

Grumpy and set in his ways, Old Man Fookwire has two passionate hobbies -- feeding birds and painting pictures of them every summer. In an effort to keep the flighty critters around, Fookwire offers berries and seeds in feeders around his property, hoping to deter the birds from their wintry flights South. Instead, Fookwire is met with sneaky, devious, and chattering squirrels that plot to steel the food from the feeders, leaving the old man upset and the nests empty. Mischevious with an edge of riotous humor, this story matches the wits of human and animal in a symphony of side-splitting hilarity.


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