Monday, June 24, 2013

The Best Kindle Picture Books For Kids

Electronic readers have inspired a revolution of games and books, all designed to be viewed in a flip-page format on a backlit screen. Easier on the eyes than a traditional computer, these eReaders are compact and capable of carrying hundreds of books at one time; a perfect device for story enthusiasts and would-be bookworms. Kids especially benefit, as there are an entire line of beautifully illustrated and cleverly wordy reads available for the technological children of today.

Without further explanation, I present the best Kindle picture books for the tale-loving tots in your household.


I Scream! Ice Cream! (Amy Krouse Rosenthal)

Dubbed the "book of wordies," these 40-pages are detailed and filled with witty word weavings of all kinds. As an author of many bestselling book for children around the world, Rosenthal implements her wordplay mastery to make audiences, young and old, roar with laughter. The inside covers are doused in Neopolitan colors to represent the title; however, the story really has nothing to do with ice cream at all. Rather, this whole book is a collection of sentences and words that sound the same but have different meanings. Most of them are simply really fun to say, resulting in tongue twisters and nonsense! "Heroes. He rows."


The Great Lollipop Caper (Dan Krall)

Underappreciated and jealous, Mr. Caper is usually known for his salty and sour antics, gaining more popularity with older adults than the younger crowds. Lollipop is his biggest competitor -- loved by everyone! Dipped in sweetness is what Mr. Caper strives for, which is why he devises a plan to make his own lollipops and distribute them to kids around the world. Unfortunately, his plot goes horribly wrong. Caper, feeling guilty, decides to enlist the help of his nemesis, Lollipop, to save the day, discovering along the way that it's always best to just be who you are.


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