Friday, June 28, 2013

Colorful Stories For Adventurous Kids

The best children's picture books are full of chaotic scenarios that simply brim with humor, lighthearted life lessons, and wonderful characters. They're colorfully brilliant books for adventurous kids!

Each page is meant to transport little readers into an alternate world where anything is possible -- dragons are real (and they love tacos), books literally fly from shelves, and yarn transforms a drab world into a vibrant wonderland.

Laced with morals of kindness, generosity, and unconditional love, the following bedtime favorites are perfect for children who need need inspiration for action-packed dreams.


Extra Yarn (Mac Barnett)

Annabelle resides in a black-and-white world, surrounded by dullness. On a particularly dreary and boring day, she finds a box of yarn in every imaginable color.

She's mesmerized and puzzled all at once; her heart fills with excitement and she embarks on a mission to color her world by knitting and weaving the yarn into clothing, cozies, blankets, and other ingenious creations.

When she's done, her town is alive with brilliance!

Celebrating a child's imagination and enthusiasm, this book ends on a positive note when all of Annabelle's neighbors and friends find beauty in what she can do with just a bit of yarn.


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (William Joyce)

A literary masterpiece that inspired an equally brilliant short film, this book is about Mr. Morris Lessmore -- a man who loves his book collection more than anything in the entire world.

Until one day, when the winds of a terrible storm rips each book from his grasp. Scattered and frustrated, Mr. Lessmore finds himself drawn to the forgotten stories of an old library, where he resurrects each tale one book at a time.

Written beautifully with vibrant, detailed illustrations, this bestseller examines the beauty of a good story.

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