Saturday, June 22, 2013

Animal Picture Books For Kids

Ask any child and they'll tell you that stories are simply better when animal characters are involved. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the best picture books for kids feature puppies, polar bears, penguins, donkeys, and an array of likewise fuzzy, and non-furry, friends.

The following short-list of animal-featured stories tell wonderful tales with lighthearted, humorous life lessons in stunning illustrations:


It's a Book (Lane Smith)

Consumed by technology, we live in a world where real paper and binding books are considered inferior to computers, Kindles, and fancy-schmancy IPads. This story teaches children that there is still value in the traditionally bound books of yesteryear. Monkey is reading when his friend, Donkey, asks to see what he's perusing, asking technological questions along the way. Monkey reassures his buddy that the book needs no password, can't be charged, and requires no scrolling. Filled with slapstick humor, this book lovingly pokes fun at the electronic era.


The Three Ninja Pigs (Corey Rosen Schwartz)

Based on the classic Little Pigs tale, this story has been twisted and mixed to incorporate akido lessons, jujitsu, and the mastered art of karate. These are 3 awesome little pigs who refuse to take anymore bullying from their village's pack of wolves. Action-packed illustrations accentuate each page, as rhymes flow and humor runs amok. A true fractured fairy tale, this book is a bedtime essential!


I Want My Hat Back (John Klassen)

A twist on the tried-and-true tale of a baby duck looking for it's mother, this story starts with an exasperated bear in search of his missing hat. Like the materials of the aforementioned hat, this tale is woven beautifully, mixing with humor and subtle rhyming repetition to thrill and delight kids and adults alike. The big, brown bear goes from one animal to another, questioning them about his hat, and receiving a "No" in silly ways each time. Chaos and lighthearted curiosity ensues!


If you're on the lookout for the current top-selling children's picture books, here is a recommended resource:

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