Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to You! - By Dr. Seuss

Happy Birthday to You! is a classic; a treasured tale from the amazing and humorous mind of Dr. Seuss, so long ago. Ranked higher each year on the list of the top 10 board books, this particular story is in a pop-up style that will appeal to young children and toddlers alike.

Deemed one of the best ways to wish a growing someone a Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss takes us on a tour of cakes, streamers, and hilarious rhyme schemes where the focal point is the person reading. "Today is your birthday! Today you are you! ...There is no one alive more you-er than you!" It makes children feel especially special, as if Dr. Seuss is speaking directly to them.

Some customers of this board book were more than satisfied as proclaimed in their revealing reviews and testimonials.

"This book isn't just a gift for children. It's for anyone who loves and appreciates the timeless stories of Dr. Seuss. One idea that I had was to get this book for my mother when she turned 50. It was accompanied by a Princess wand and crown in a small box that had been signed in crayon by everyone at the party. We went around the room and everyone read a line out of the book, while she wore her crown and displayed her wand the entire time. She loved it! It made her feel like a kid again... which is something all adults should have the pleasure of feeling once in awhile."

"My children love this book, even when it's not their birthday! I can recite it rhyme for rhyme based on how often I've read it to them for a bedtime story. Led through the tale by a Birthday Honk Honker, several places are visited, with cakes eaten and grills fired up for delicious mustard-covered hotdogs. The poem ends with Dr. Derring's Singing Herrings serenading the reader and spelling out, "Happy Birthday!" This is definitely a book that belongs on every child's bookshelf."


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