Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Christmas Carol (Little Master Dickens) - By Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver

You wouldn't expect classic literature to be lumped in with the best Christmas books for kids 2012, but Jennifer Adams thinks outside the box when it comes to babies and their board books. Told in a direct manner with simple terms and beautiful illustations, A Christmas Carol is part of the Little Master Dickens series; a group of board books for children who wouldn't yet understand the timelessness of Charles Dickens and his stories of Scrooge.

What can I expect in this version of A Christmas Carol?

This book is condensed into a board book, perfect for children 3 and up. The key elements of the larger written version are detailed through colorful pictures and few words, allowing kids to get the 'jist' of the tale without feeling overwhelmed by extensive vocabulary. The tale introduces Ebenezer Scrooge -- a crochety old man with a penchant for overworked employees, strict conditions, and no compassion. He's visited by the usual ghosts -- past, present, and future. The tale skips quickly along through creative pictures and limited word usage, detailing how Scrooge's outlook changes to reveal a remorseful and kinder man.

This version of A Christmas Carol is less morose than the original, because it's meant to entertain children -- not scare or depress them. The ghosts aren't terrifying, but they retain their reflective manner -- while Scrooge keeps his "Bah Humbug!" declaration without the mild profanity from the Dickens novel.

Clever, simple text teaches toddlers how to recognize certain words, while bold illustrations offer understanding. This is a board book of a different breed, since parents usually don't consider the lengthy versions of A Christmas Carol to be attention-appropriate for their growing children. However, Jennifer Adams believes kids shouldn't be left out of the magic of classic literature. With these easy-to-understand board books, Scrooge can become an integral part of your brilliant toddler's seasonal to-read list.

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