Saturday, July 28, 2012

Disney Princess Collection Book - Behind The Scenes

Beginning with the first princess ever created by this timeless franchise, Snow White takes the forefront of the Disney Princess Collection Book. She's followed by Cinderella, Arielle, and Belle, to name a few -- all with different stories to tell that have never been told before. Polled as one of the top 10 Disney books since 2009, these tales feature princesses who pre-date Disney's newest additions, such as Tiana or Rapunzel.

Written for ages 3 and up, the stories represented in this book are ideal for children who don't have the patience to sit through the length of a Disney movie. It gives kids the chance to 'get-to-know' the Disney princesses outside of the animated films.

What should I expect from the Disney Princess Collection Book?

The best part about these stories is the way in which their told, directly from the perspective of the featured princess. Rife with colorful and magical illustrations, this book relies on the written word -- which compromises 80% of the pages to help kids along with their reading and vocabulary. While there are new stories told from the POV of each princess, there are also shorter versions of each film. For example, the background of Aurora is given in a condensed manner, with all of the main elements and key points conveyed without the fluff that would be in the movie. The main stories are then followed up by mini-tales, perfect to read right before bed.

For a mash-up of all Disney princesses in one convenient location, the Disney Princess Collection Book is amazing. The exterior of the book is shining with silver, gleaming with the promise of beautiful tales. The interior pages are glossy and stain-resistant, allowing kids to be their messy selves without fear of severely damaging the book. However, as with all things, this collection is best kept clean and cherished.


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