Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Serpent's Shadow - By Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is one of those authors who will always have a spot on a kid's list of top 10 chapter books. He's keen on developing amazing concepts and intriguing storylines; all of which keep kids interested in learning what's going to happen next. One example of his excellent writing is The Serpent's Shadow (The Kane Chronicles, Book 3). The final installment in the Kane trilogy, this book is packed with action, adventure, a little teen-style romance, and confidence building morals. It teaches kids the lesson of, "You can do anything your set your mind to!"

What's The Serpent's Shadow about?

This series of stories is best read in order, from first to last. Kids will have a firmer grasp on what adventures and mishaps the Kane siblings will come across, as well as why these events are taking place. In The Serpent's Shadow, Carter and Sadie Kane are on a race against time (as always) to stop Apophis, the chaos snake, from plunging the whole world into eternal darkness.

The task of destroying a creature so ancient and near-impossible to kill is daunting, but the Kane siblings build a plan of attack -- to acquire a spell to turn the serpent's own shadow into a weapon. The tale goes onto describe how the gods are divided on the subjects of Apophis -- some of them want him to rise, while others are trusting in Sadie and Carter to save the world. It's quite a large expectation to place on the shoulders of 2 teens!

The Serpent's Shadow is intense. The events leading up to the final showdown between the Kanes and Apophis are page-turning, leaving kids (and adults) breathless after finishing the book. It's a trilogy that families will want to add to their bookshelfs, taking turns reading and discussing what transpires in the Kane household.

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