Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zombie-Kids - By Julia Dweck and Mark Draisey

Zombies are winning the battle when it comes to their odds with other monsters -- which is the main reason why books about things that go bump in the night are ranked high on the list of the best kids Kindle picture books. One in particular is a favorite must-read amongst children in the age range of 7 and up -- it's called Zombie-Kids; an adolescent tale that's riddled with strange happenings and, of course, zombies. Lots of them!

What makes Zombie-Kids so special?

Written in June of 2012 by children's book authors Julia Dweck and Mark Draisey, Zombie-Kids is new on the scene of Kindle books. These zombies are different because they're of pre-teen age -- therefore; this story follows the habits and myths of zombies through the eyes of children for children. Instead of craving all manner of gross things that are left on the living (Brrrraaaainnnns!), these zombie kids just want to "live" their undead lives in normal ways -- such as going bowling, to the movie theatre, or roller-skating. The only problem is their bodies won't cooperate the ways a living kid's would -- leaving these zombies to their own devices, accomplishing goals in their own unique ways. Hilarity ensues!

From the point of view of a parent concerned with life lessons and moral value, Zombie-Kids encourages understanding and acceptance of the unknown. Zombies are something children can relate to in some contexts -- especially these zombies. Why? Well, kids are growing and their hormones are taking control of their minds, turning them from the sweet and innocent toddler to the raging teenager. Zombie-kids are misunderstood creatures because they're not in complete control of their actions, much like what's happening in the real lives of the children who are reading the tale. It shows kids that they can be who they are -- it also teaches them to be less judgmental of their peers because those kids are going through the same changes.

Overall, Zombie-Kids is a book that is sure to turn into a classic. It's rife with everything children could possibly want on their Kindles -- from zombies to humorous situations and fascinating illustrations. Adults might even feel compelled to read a page or two, if not the entire book. It's a story that takes the traditional horror of a movie monster and transforms it into a creature that kids can feel empathy for -- while laughing their butts off.

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