Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Zoobooks Magazine - The Specifics

Some of the best magazines for kids will feature interesting facts, appealing activities, and amazing photography; all things that children will appreciate because of the amusing, entertaining, and accurate information within every issue. Zoobooks Magazine is just what children and their parents have come to expect from a monthly circular. Instead of filling a child's head with nonsense about nothing, this magazine strives to be informative and helpful when it comes to animal facts -- such as habitats, pet care, and culture.

What can I expect from Zoobooks Magazine?

As we've mentioned, Zoobooks is full to overflowing with animal tidbits and awe-inspiring photography. The writers and photographers have worked hard to put together issue upon issue each month. Some adults will remember these magazines from when they were growing up, complete with those 3 ring binders where all the back issues were kept for repeated reading. This is a magazine that children and their parents can read over and over again without getting tired of the information. Plus, kids can surprise their teachers and friends with how much they know about specific animals.

The one thing that parents might be concerned with is the images of predators with their prey. For example, there could be a picture of a lion engrossed in eating a zebra. While the pictures aren't intensely graphic, some parents might not feel comfortable with letting their children see that sort of thing at such a young age, especially when it comes to later answering questions about the food chain or the crueler side of nature.

Zoobooks Magazine is reading material that stays with kids as they grow up, morphing from just a great magazine to something passed down from parent to child. The price is a constant $29.95 for a year's worth of issues -- each featuring a specific theme per issue (such as Nocturnal Animals) with posters, stickers, and tear-out cards inside.


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