Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book - By Kate Petty and Jennie Maizels

People once believed that the earth was flat -- that anyone who ventured too far away would fall right off the side and into the great unknown. Fortunately, we don't believe that anymore -- so, why should the earth be a 2D experience on the pages of a boring Geography book? Ranked number 4 in a list of the top 10 pop-up books, The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book is one of a kind. The entire world is seen from new angles, complete with spinning pieces, hidden chambers, and secret flaps that reveal new and interesting tidbits about certain areas.

Why is the The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book a great choice for kids?

It's common knowledge that pop-up books are popular amongst children... and most adults! This book extends a message of, "Take care of our world" while teaching readers about Continents, Oceans, and everything in between. Below, you'll find testimonials from real parents who thought this pop-up book would be just another non-informative piece of toddler boredom. Instead, each parent was pleasantly surprised by the amount of entertaining and accurate facts provided on every page.

"I would recommend this book to anyone (parents AND children) who wanted to learn something new while having fun in the process. There are dozens of little pop-ups hidden in each section -- some are more well-hidden than others, which means you'll find a slew of fresh tidbits with every read. The best parts? The earthquake that 'shakes,' a volcano that spews colorfully across the pages, and a hurricane that whirls and spirals."

"I expected to find the The Amazing Pop-Up Geography Book in pieces within a week of purchasing it. That's just how rough my kids usually are with their books. Fortunately, the 9 year old has taken a special interest, carrying it around and putting it on high shelves to keep the book out of the reach of the younger ones. This has become his favorite book and he seems to discover new facts each time he reads it."

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