Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disney's 5-Minute Princess Stories - Instant Bedtime Classics

Every little girl seems to go through a point in her life where she's absolutely enamored with the thought of being a princess, if only in secret. It doesn't mean she always dreams of frills and pink lace, but she might yearn for the freedom and independence that comes through in some of the best Disney Princess books 2012. These tales are abundant in happy endings, life lessons, and positive moral values that allow a child to feel good about herself. Numerous examples can be seen in Disney's 5-Minute Princess Stories; a book overflowing with 250 pages of interesting and unique stories and illustrations for the royal sweetheart in every parent's life.

What are the Disney's 5-Minute Princess Stories about?

The cover of this book is designed to relax and intrigue a child, with every princess in her pajamas, awaiting the tales that Belle has brought to them. The pages are silver-edged, creating a mystical appearance that will have children wondering in awe about the possibilities that await them in each inside story.

There are 18 stories told about the princesses -- including the recent addition of Tiana, but predating the popular Rapunzel. The tales are ones that we've all heard several times, only with Disney princesses as the leading characters. For example, Little Red Riding Hood gets a magical twist when a favorite princess is introduced, while The Gingerbread Man has a hard time outrunning a certain royal beauty in the revised story.

The outer cover of the Disney's 5-Minute Princess Stories has been dubbed "very sturdy" by parental reviews from around the world; however, their one complaint seems to lie with the pages. Many buyers have experienced problems when it comes to how their books were glued together. It is for this reason that parents are urged to shop around for this particular book -- to ensure their child gets the very best in outward appearance and inward stability.


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