Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Draw Pokemon - by Tracey West

How to Draw Pokemon is one of the most well-noted and best pokemon books of this generation, teaching kids (and adults) how to sketch some of their favorite characters from the popular game. Unfortunately, as witnessed in other reviews, this book also contains some flaws that many people will find unappealing. The most complaints revolve around…

-- The level of difficulty in each drawing tutorial. Described as advanced, these sketches aren't going to be something that somebody draws perfectly the first time. The people who draw these characters on a regular basis have been doing so for years, whereas someone just starting will be disappointed if they strive to get every detail accurate the first time. It takes practice! Some of these characters are intricate and very decorated, meaning more than one evening will have to be spent on perfecting each one. However, the great thing about that is, it keeps children occupied for long periods of time -- allowing mom and dad to spend some quality time together, or get some work done without the pestering of little ones.

-- The condition of the used How to Draw Pokemon books from Amazon. This should really come as no surprise and people are encouraged to use their common sense when dealing with this situation. If it's on the used section at discounted prices, it's probably got some marks and drawings in it already. This isn't the fault of the book itself, nor is it the fault of the artist who compiled the sectioned tutorials. It's the fault of you and the seller for not being straight-forward and honest with one another. Your best bet for buying a used edition is to ask the seller what condition the book is in, being specific with questions and gaining an educated opinion and outlook from there.

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