Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Little Golden Book - The Lifetime Treasure

One of the best presents a parent can give to their child is the gift of a beautiful and timeless tale, such as the one told in Disney's Beauty and the Beast (now available in Little Golden Book edition). A generational treasure, this story has been told multiple times with the incorporation of numerous different characters. However, no one told it quite like Disney did; a way more suited for the sheer enjoyment of children -- something that could be passed down through the years. Little Golden Book has taken the initiative to turn one of the top 10 Disney Princess books into a vintage piece of memorable literature, fit for children and adults of all ages.

What happens in the Little Golden Book version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast?

It's all apart of the experience to write a child's name on the name plate on the inside cover of a Little Golden Book, and Disney's Beauty and the Beast is no exception. This act designates the book as theirs, giving kids a further reason to treaure the story and protect the book as a whole. The cover of this particular book is straight from the Disney's Beauty and the Beast film, making it easier for children to associate the scenes from the movie with the telling of the story.

As per usual, beautiful Belle is whisked off to a strange and forboding castle as a debt to her father. She meets the mean-spirited, but misunderstood Beast, who eventually warms up to her, and she to him. Unfortunately, there are those in the nearby village who would prefer to see the Beast as a trophy on the wall of Gaston; a cruel and arrogant man with passion in his eyes for Belle. From beginning to end, children can watch as the relationship between Belle and the Beast blossoms into a slow romance, eventually coming to a head at the end of the book. It's a story that will warm the heart of the toughest child every time.

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