Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beach Sticker Activity Book - Dover Little Activity Books

Dover Little Activity Books is renowned for making amusing distractions for children who need something to rapt their attention during long car rides or plane trips. The Beach Sticker Activity Book  is one of their creations from 1997; a time when children were a little more apt to be inspired by stickers and simple scenarios. While this book didn't make the grade for one of the best sticker books for kids, it's still a fan favorite simply because it's a beach scene -- and what child doesn't love an idea of playing in the sand with the gentle ocean waves lapping lazily behind them?

What does the Beach Sticker Activity Book consist of?

This sticker book is best reserved for distraction bags of 3 hours or less in trip time -- which means, if you're going to be on the road for longer than 3-4 hours, the Beach Sticker Activity Book isn't for you. There are only 4 pages and the entire book is around 4 inches in length and width. The cover acts as the stickers' background scene, while there are around 30 different stickers of various beach-related items. Children older than 4 years will have this done in no time, which is why it's mostly suggested for toddlers and kids just beginning to exercise their imagination in scenario formats.

Overall, the Beach Sticker Activity Book is a fun, short distraction method. Perfect for 18 months old or generally children under 3 years but older than 8 months, this book has a knack for being a kid's instant favorite. Plus, the stickers are easy to remove, which means different scenes can be captured on the same small background until your child's creativity is spent. But parents beware! It also might evoke some repetitive questions and requests for a venture to the nearest beach.

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