Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grimm's Fairy Stories - by Nate Turner

Rated as one of the best fairy tale books of all time, Grimm's Fairy Stories (by Nate Turner) is a timeless collection of stories spanning every genre -- from the dark and morbid, to the light-hearted and morally uplifting. Unfortunately, not all stories from the original Brothers Grimm anthology are represented. This book is like a grab bag of old and (somewhat) popular favorites, told in a manner that may be unfamiliar to most children. They'll learn that not all stories originally had happy endings, and some of them were better that way. A couple of the 25 stories featured here are…

-- The Goose Girl. The Goose Girl follows a young woman who wants nothing more than to please the royal family of her betrothed. She comes from a peasant background, but is one of the most beautiful women in her village. As the story progresses, the Goose Girl finds solace in speaking with the King's geese about her troubles and it's through the ventilation of her anger to the geese, she finds the courage to stand up to the ones who seek to put her down, eventually falling head over heels in love and marrying regardless of what her new husband's family thinks of her.

-- The Six Swans. The basis for the movie "The Swan Princess," this story is about six brother and their sister. The six brothers are turned into swans by an evil woman who wishes to take away everything that is dear to their sister. Instead of giving up on saving them, the girl finds help and a way to turn her brothers back into the young men they were. She must create cloaks of stinging nettles to throw over their feathers, all the while never uttering a sound. In the end, she completes each cloak after a year of nonstop hard work and silence. All is successful and she gains her six brothers back, while the witch is never seen or heard from again.

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