Monday, August 27, 2012

Transformers: The Ultimate Guide - by Simon Furman

Easily one of the best Transformers books of the last 15 years, the Transformers: The Ultimate Guide is rife with information and knowledge that every Transformer fan NEEDS to know. It's a jackpot of everything Transformers, from the very beginning when the franchise had just approached the concept of robots from outer space. What are others saying about the Transformers: The Ultimate Guide?

"Every Transformers fan needs this book -- from those who are just getting into the whole concept of the spacial robots, to those who have been hardcore fans for years. With 141 pages of content, this book is a jewel among the rocks of Transformers memorabilia -- instantly becoming one my most treasured guides in my series collection. Everything you'd ever want or need to know is featured between the covers of this book, and it's not all illustrations! Sure, there are a few pictures, but not so many that it takes up the whole page and leaves nothing for knowledge. Words and tidbits far outweigh the beautiful and intricate illustrations in what is (in my opinion) the best guide book for Transformers in the last 15 years."

"I've been a Transformers fan for… a really long time. *laughs* Therefore, when my son became old enough to get into the modern animated series, I was thrilled at how they took an immediate interest in it. However, the Transformers: The Ultimate Guide is a little too advanced for an 8 year old. Recommended for children in the 6th grade and up, I realize now that this is one of those presents that will have to be held until he reaches a better age of understanding. Until then, I have no problem with reading him important passages and summarizing whatever he needs -- it gives me the opportunity to learn more about Transformers and I enjoy sharing the experience and interest with my kid."

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