Monday, August 27, 2012

Pokemon: Ultimate Handbook - by Cris Silvestri

The Pokemon: Ultimate Handbook is exactly what you'd expect from reading the title and the description of the book on Rated by parents as one of the top 10 Pokemon books, the handbook offers everything a child (or die-hard) fan needs to know about Pokemon -- from characters, to specific movies and special Pokemon cards. There are also tips on how to play your best at the card games and speculation about which Pokemon would be the most difficult to catch. With the tagline of "Gotta read em' all!," the Pokemon: Ultimate Handbook is really the end all for Pokemon fans, describing every aspect of the franchise in detail for prospective players and viewers of the renowned television series.

Who is the Pokemon: Ultimate Handbook a perfect gift for?

This handbook is a great present for anyone who's ever had a real infatuation with the game, TV series, or other books. Some 20-somethings have been known to buy this handbook after years of following the entire franchise, while some parents are more interested in buying it as a Christmas or Birthday gift for their children. There's really no set target audience when it comes the who the Pokemon: Ultimate Handbook is perfect for. It's ideal for anyone who's ever had an interest in Pokemon.

Like with every book, the Pokemon: Ultimate Handbook has some faults, but it's overall an excellent reference source. There are some Pokemon that are apparently missing from the index, but they're also the rarest and the ones that most people will never find or catch. This shouldn't deter the hardcore Pokemon fans, as the book is comprehensive enough to cover other more intriguing aspects of the characters and over franchise. You (or your children) will be masters in no time, combating the greats (such as Ash) and catching the best Pokemon for your collection.

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