Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Giant Sticker Activity First Words Book - The Teacher's Instant Favorite

The Giant Sticker Activity First Words Book's title is self-explanatory, and the pictures on the book's cover go a long way to detailing what parents and teachers can expect, as well. Voted a teacher's instant favorite and one of the top 10 sticker books for children under 6 years of age, this book is chock full of learning opportunities for flourishing children.

What will children learn with the Giant Sticker Activity First Words Book?

This activity book features over 600 stickers and the same number of silhouettes (or outlines, if you'd prefer). These outlines are exactly designed as the sticker they match to, encouraging children to find the correct sticker to fit the silhouette in an effort to improve hand-eye coordination. From there, kids will also notice there are words under each outline, letting them know what kind of item they've just paired with the accurate picture. This can drastically improve their vocabulary, as the process is methodical to lead children to feel comfortable while keeping their own learning pace. It's the key to effective education.

Some of the activities are coupled with the stickers -- such as, there are several items that will instruct a child to draw their own, matching it exactly to the picture. Other items will ask kids to write what an object is, while counting, sorting, and learning new words are also apart of the joys in the Giant Sticker Activity First Words Book. Parents and teachers will find comfort in the fact that kids are learning AND having fun, instead of sitting there so bored that they're not picking up any of the information. It's an ideal way for children to learn new things while working at their own pace, advancing in levels of vocabulary and counting as they progress through each stage of the book.

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