Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Best Animal Stories For 5-Year Olds

It comes as no surprise that the best books for 5-year olds would have stories of adventure, subtle life lessons, and humor. It's also redundant to say that most of the aforementioned stories feature animals, as most children go gaga over cute furballs, scaly slithers, and bubble-blowing fish.

The following books are a few of the greatest, most engaging tales for modern kids. Why? Because each one features a relatable, sometimes fuzzy, sometimes scaled animal, and a whole bunch of laughs!


Dragons Love Tacos (Adam Rubin)

Apparently, dragons love tacos! And not just one or two for dinner, but buckets filled to overflowing! These fire-breathing fliers are beautifully illustrated and bursting with taco-flavored love. It's a silly tale that features all kinds of dragons indulging in the one treat they can't get enough of... from chicken to beef, big or small, these winged creatures love them all. Unfortunately and surprisingly, salsa is not a dragon's friend, as these mythical animals can't stand the spiciness of certain foods. Hilarity ensues when one too many dragons eat way too many salsa-filled tacos.


Llama Llama Red Pajama (Anna Dewdney)

A read-aloud for bedtime or anytime, this story centers on a baby llama that turns his sleepy time into nothing but drama for his Mama. As the tale progresses in whimsical rhymes and entertaining prose, baby llama does all he can to thwart his Mama's attempt at putting him peacefully to bed. Kids will relate to baby's need for comfort and reassurance, as Mama returns to offer back rubs, sweet nothings, and soft whispers to soothe llama into sleep.


The Going-To-Bed Book (Sandra Boynton)

Featuring a variety of awesome animals, this book is about bedtime routines and all the silly things kids will do to avoid sleep. A board book for all ages, the simple text and cool illustrations follow each of the Ark animals as they prepare for sleep.


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