Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pokemon Books For Art Fanatics

Most kids have a divine interest in gaming because of the appeal of animation. They love the drawings! And the majority of these kids will seek to recreate the game characters, hoping to draw inspiration for their own creations one day. After all, the best form of flattery is imitation! This extends to Pokemon books for kids, with drawing and art-specific sections that detail the characters, their unique stylings, and how-tos on their creation.

For example:


Pokemon Essential Handbook (Inc Scholastic and Cris Silvestri)

Updated to include all Pokemon aspects and characters up to 2012, this handbook features 368 pages of debut Pokemon in the latest videogames. The statistics, facts, and tricky trivia enhances the 646 character experience, with quotes from the authors and illustrators along the way. Why is this a great book for aspiring Pokemon-inspired artists? Every Pokemon is represented! While there aren't any outlines or guidelines to drawing these characters, the pictures are simple and detailed, providing a clear and concise view for kids who want to recreate their gaming favorites. It's also a huge advantage for kids who actually play the videogames on a regular basis!


How to Draw Pokemon (Tracey West)

For beginners and practicioners, this guide book features step-by-step outlines to drawing the most famous Pokemon, such as Pikachy, Lugia, and Pichu. The pages start with simple details, adding bonus action poses as the book (and the artist) advances. By the end, children will be able to create their own unique battle scenes between their favorite Pokemon characters.


Pokemon Mega Sticker Collection (Pikachu Press)

Instead of illustrations, this book encourages Pokemon collages! With over 650 different stickers, there are hundreds of awesome options for make-believe battle scenes on custom drawings or blank pieces of paper. Kids will love the option of decorating nearly anything with their Pokemon past-time!


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