Saturday, May 18, 2013

Creature Feature Books For Kids

Kids love monsters! At least, they do when they're family-friendly and not so scary. Therefore, books for kids age 10 and up have most recently featured creatures of myth, legend, and lore.

These stories aren't frightful, but fun, action-packed, and endearing, offering children the adrenaline rush of faux fear without the actual scare.

Chaotic and brilliant, the following books have been dubbed the best creature features in 2013:


The Walking Dead: Something To Fear (Robert Kirkman)

Volume 17 in the zombie saga, this book follows ex-sheriff Rick and his small band of survivors as they strive to build a better community, post brain-eating apocalypse. Still facing the threat of walkers on a daily basis, the team of machete-toting misfits gains a new threat in the form of someone who they all thought they could trust. In a riveting addition to the comic series, the group is separated once again, fighting to decide who can be followed and who needs to be left to the hunger of the walkers.


The Son of Neptune: Heroes of Olympus (Rick Riordan)

The second book in the series, the heroes are faced with one detrimental task after another. Percy is confused with amnesia, while Hazel is presumed dead, and Frank feels like an idiot (as usual). The Gods are rallying to urge the heroes to remember their place in the world, amongst the constant threat of monsters, Titans, and things that go bump in the Grecian night. Riddled with action and fast-paced suspense, this book is a tribute to friendship and bravery. 


Number the Stars (Lois Lowry)

In this story, the monsters are human. War is raging as the Holocaust progresses, marking the Jewish population for work or death by the German soldiers. Told from a 10-year old little girl's point-of-view, this tale explores concealment of a loved one targeted for torture, and what it takes to keep family together during a time of great division in humanity.

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