Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big Books for Little Readers in 2013

The best books for 7-year olds in 2013 are adventurous, challenging, fascinating, and engaging. Kids want to feel themselves pulled into a tale with relatable characters and exciting new secrets and concepts around each flip of the page. It's better when educational material is rewritten in a way to excite children, rather than make them dread learning. The following "big books" present chapters of amusing, imaginative, and creative scenarios for kids to dig their minds into.


Brain Quest Workbook: Grade 2 (Liane Onish)

Perfect for public classrooms or homeschool environments, this workbook is fast-paced with hundreds of activities for children to learn and enjoy. It doesn't feel like homework! Instead, kids are encouraged to solve problems that would relate to everyday life with curriculum-based exercises and appealing games. Science, math, literature... everything is packed into sections to represent what children would normally be learning in school, except in a more fun way.


National Geographic Kids: Just Joking

This book features 200 pages of laugh-out-loud, riotous jokes for a 7-year old's special humor. Colorful photos of silly people, cute animals, and interesting places are combined with hilarious anecdotes to make a book fit for an evening of giggles. It's a fact that children laugh at least 100 times a day, and this book only encourages that statistic! Tailored to youngsters who love to laugh, these pages are rife with the silliest moments of National Geographic Kids magazines.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Book 1 (Jeff Kinney)

The first in a series of journal-style books, this story follows Greg Heffley; a preteen facing the trials of middle school with his best friend, Rowley. Greg describes his personal experiences first-hand in illustrations and words, igniting giggles with every page. A laugh-out-loud good time, kids will find this relatable character to be endearing, hilarious, and refreshing.

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