Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pokemon Handbooks For All Ages

It's become clear that the most popular and best Pokemon books are those that offer guidelines, how-tos, and fun facts to gaming beginners and advanced fans alike. They're handbooks for all ages, offering detailed instructions through the toughest game scenarios with hundreds of Pokemon characters to light the way.

These are must-haves for Pokemon enthusiasts of all ages and gaming levels!


Pokemon: Essential Handbook (Inc Scholastic and Cris Silvestri)

Updated to include all new videogames and characters to 2012, this book features 368 pages of strategy, trivia, illustrator quotes, and gaming facts. There are 153 new Pokemon -- all of whom debuted in the Black & White videogames from the last 4 years, which brings the character total to 646. Massive and detailed, this book is for hardcore enthusiasts and beginner's who want to get on the right track with their Pokemon knowledge. It's absolutely everything you've ever wanted to know about the videogames, from stats and concepts to levels and designs!


Pokemon: Ultimate Handbook (Cris Silvestri)

This is the un-revised 2008 edition, because not all Pokemon fans enjoyed the Black & White additions to the character or scenario database. The older videogames feature 480 Pokemon over a span of 304 pages, filled with special training tips and collector knowledge. Exciting and informational, kids are drawn into the world of characters like Kanto, Lugia, and Sinnoh; all some of the most notable Pokemon in the entire series. For collection purposes, this edition pairs perfectly and contrastingly with the new aforementioned 2012 revision.


Pokemon: Black & White Handbook (Scholastic)

For those who have the 2008 edition, this smaller handbook offers the new character knowledge and statistic information of the Black & White videogames without repeat info. Instead, all 100+ Pokemon are revealed in 112 pages of fun, detailed content. Each page is filled with stats on character stats, traits, facts, and even how-to drawings.


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