Thursday, May 16, 2013

Instant Classics For 3-Year Olds

The best books for 3 year olds are imaginative, creative, instant classics! These stories have become bedtime routines for children who can't get enough of an adventurous tale, filled with educational interactions and family-friendly humor. The following books are creative and endlessly amusing; these are stories that will never get old, entertaining generations of kids and parents alike.


The Invisible String (Patrick Karst)

Divorce. College. Death. All of these things are detrimental to a child's gentle understanding, and kids are often overwhelmed by the ensuing trauma. This tale is about two twins who learn of an invisible string that keeps their loved ones connected to their lives forever. The "invisible string of love" reaches from heart-to-heart over loneliness, fear, separation, and even death. It's a heart-warming, reassuring story for anyone who's ever felt the pang of detachment from someone they've always cared about, told in a way kids will understand. 


The Dark (Lemony Snicket)

From the man who brought preteens "A Series of Unfortunate Events," this book targets kids who have a fear of the dark. Little Lazlo is terrified of the basement where "the dark" lives. But one night, his greatest fear surrounds his bed, as he lies nearly sleeping in his room. With the help of his toys and inner imagination, Lazlo keeps his terror at bay, fending off "the dark" and coming up with a (literally) brilliant solution to his scary problem. Since the fear of darkness is universal, children will appreciate and take encouragement from Lazlo's bravery.


Potty (Leslie Patricelli)

This board book is a journey to the potty from the point-of-view of a toddler. He questions whether his need to "go" is best satisfied in his diaper or on the toilet, like mommy and daddy. Humor and simple sentences encourages potty-training babies to sit themselves on the "big kid throne" whenever they have the urge to tinkle.

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