Monday, May 27, 2013

Life Lessons in Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, fables were the only books really associated with morals and life lessons. These tales were the roundabout way to teach people right from wrong. While these still exist as fascinating glimpses into the past, modern children are more interested in hilarious rhymes, relatable characters, detailed illustrations, and cool book designs. With that said, the best books for 6-year olds are subtle when delivering a life lesson, tugging at a child's heartstrings with happy endings and laugh-out-loud concepts.

For example:


The Dark (Lemony Snicket)

Taken from a universal fear, this tale is about a little boy named Laszlo who is terrified of the dark. Or really, "the dark" in his home's basement! He pictures all manner of creepy, horrifying monsters down there, waiting to gobble him up. So, he avoids this part of the house... until he wakes up to discover the dark has crept into his room while he was sleeping. This book is how Laszlo learned to face his fears and quit being afraid of the dark. Through emotional insight, poetic rhythm, and humorous anecdotes, Snicket lets kids know that they too, like Laszlo, can face their fears... against anything.


Advice to Little Girls (Mark Twain)

As anyone in the literary world would know, Mark Twain was a rascal when it came to his humor. This book is proof! A tale of snarky, cute "advice" and tips for little ladies, this short work features simple pen-and-ink drawings of hilarious situations. It's a chuckle with thought-provoking passages; something children can pass on and revel in as their childhood progresses. It's definitely a story that will morph as minds mature!

"You should ever bear in mind that it is to your kind parents that you are indebted for your food, and for the privilege of staying home from school when you let on that you are sick."


Find this year's current top selections in books for kids 6 years of age:

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