Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interactive Books For Babies

Most people don't see 1-2 year olds being very interactive, when in fact, they're constantly learning through interaction with random objects and people. For example, the best baby books in 2013 have everything a toddler or pre-tot would need to learn easy tasks, such as lifting a flap or turning a page. 

My favorites are:


Where is Baby's Belly Button? A Lift-the-Flap Book (Karen Katz)

This durable board book features peek-a-boo between your baby and adorable characters. Each flap is hiding a baby's body part, such as a belly button or baby's eyes. Kids can reveal each part of these happy babies as they hide in bubbles, behind hats, or under juice cups. At an age of discovery and exploration, toddlers will feel compelled to inspect their own faces and belly buttons, revealing similar pieces of themselves and learning the names for their body parts. 

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Rod Campbell)

Another board book built for years of flipping pages, this one tells the story of the animals in the zoo. Hidden behind flaps and cute panels, kids can reveal their favorite animals after having a chance to guess what those animals are. For instance, "I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet. They sent me a..." with a reveal of an Elephant out of a crate marked "very heavy." Detailed and colorful, this book will keep children guessing all the way through. What could the narrators perfect pet be?


Moo Baa La La La (Sandra Boynton)

In a silly story, this book is all about the enchanting, hilarious sounds of barnyard animals. From "Moo's" and "Baa's," this tale covers every sound that emanates from a farm animal. It's a cool twist on the traditional "Old MacDonald" song! This book is also filled with humor to entice kids to re-enact the actions of their favorite characters. Perhaps thair coveted character said "Moo," you can expect your little reader to say the same with a cute, happy little giggle to accentuate the end.

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