Saturday, May 25, 2013

Disney Classics in Collections

There's nothing more wholesome than Disney books for kids!  They're perfect for younger children that just want to listen to an enticing story, as well as older kids (and adults) that would prefer to read a tantalizing treasury. Wrapped in beauty and presented with an elegance that only Disney could provide, these books are perfect for every age and audience.

Filled to brimming with colorful characters, lovable villains, and timeless stories, each of the following collections have offer the utmost in bedtime tale entertainment:

Disney Storybook Collection

Classic! The title of this storybook tells it all. Featuring the most beloved Disney characters, each tale has delighted millions of fans for decades. Not only are the stories top-notch, but the entire book is a pleasant presentation of tradition -- with 250 full-color, original illustations -- and durability -- with a hard cover and strong, gilded pages. Aladdin, Pinnochio, The Lion King, and so many others have been recreated to amuse and entertain all audiences and ages.


Disney Princess Collection

Another title that speaks for itself, this book is packed with princess power of every caliber. Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, and several others tell their stories with over 250 colorful, beautiful illustrations and durable, gilded pages. The entire hardcover is strong for generations of reading, as this book will certainly be a fantastic hand-me-down from sibling-to-sibling or parent-to-child. Plus, there are several smaller tales that Disney lovers have never heard before.


Disney Pixar Storybook Collection

For animation fanatics, this book encompasses the updated versions of 18 Pixar characters in bedtime-length stories. Wall-E, Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, and other newly animated Disney favorites swarm across 250 gorgeous illustrated pages. These characters are icons of the new Disney for younger generations, with inclusions of Pixar movies up to 2011. Strong enough to withstand years of youngster page-flipping, this storybook would be the ideal addition to any Disney-lover's bookshelf.


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