Monday, May 27, 2013

Classic Fairy Tales For Every Generation

The best fairy tale books are tried-and-true favorites; stories that have been around for generations, entertaining children for centuries. Thousands of authors have made their names well-known with unique illustrations and new twists on timeless tales. These stories, although rejuvenated with hardcovers and gilded pages, are classics, destined to be remembered, appreciated, and re-woven a million times over.

The following storybooks are considered all-encompassing, bound chronicles of cultural, bedtime "golden oldies" that continue to thrill and excite children and adults alike:


The Random House Book of Fairy Tales (Amy Ehrlich)

Sensationally illustrated with intricate, dainty drawings, the 244-pages in this book feature 19 captivating fairy tales. The original masters of the genre are all represented, from the Grimm brothers, to Hans Christian Andersen, and so many others. Children will befriend the Steadfast Tin Soldier as he stands everlasting, courageous, and brave against all oncoming (and unexpected) obstacles. Those same kids will feel astounded and struck with giggles when the hard-headed Emperor models his new clothes for the whole village to see (and mock). It's an engaging hand-me-down for the sentimental readers in every family.


A First Book of Fairy Tales (Mary Hoffman)

Originally, most of the fairy tales of previous centuries were told in different languages, to various cultures. Author Mary Hoffman has refreshed a child's ability to understand the best older stories with a new spin. Ideal for 7 and up, this book features 14 fairy tale favorites, such as Rapunzel, The Princess and the Pea, The Snow Queen, and tons more. Detailed illustrations make every tale all the more interesting, adding to the storytelling excitement!


The Golden Book of Fairy Tales

This book was originally published in 1958, with a recent revamp in a hardcover for durability and detailed illustrations to amuse all readers. Colorful and exquisite, this storybook features 28 traditional tales from around the world, culminating between 160 gilded pages. The Frog Prince, Puss in Boots, and Thumbelina start the collection, with a following of Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella to round it out.


Find more current top selections in fairy tales for all ages:

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