Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sticker Books From Roger Priddy

An art major who has made a name for himself in the educational world of children's activities, Roger Priddy is the reigning sticker-creating champion. His concepts and themes in sticker books for kids are informative, amusing, and delightfully entertaining for all ages. These books teach basic skills to preschool and school-age children, offering them a fun outlet for their creativity while giving them an extra nudge in the direction of learning. A great way to get kids interested in their ABCs, numbers, and colors, the following sticker books are Priddy's bestsellers.


Sticker Activity ABC

This simple learning tool is filled with 100 stickers and a wide range of enjoyable activities for children. Each page is a section from the ABCs, asking questions like "What insect flies and goes 'buzz, buzz." These kinds of questions are incorporated with shaped stickers for kids to peel and choose the best answers, giving them a sense of satisfaction and confidence. The alphabet and object names are learned as children find the correct stickers!


Sticker Activity Numbers

Another 100 sticker compilation, this addition to Priddy's book collection features numbers from 1 to 10 and the corresponding stickers to represent each numeral. For example, "How many balls are in this picture?" or "How many pencils can you see?" Counting and learning are assembled on numerous gloss pages with photographic, realistic stickers for each object and number.


Preschool Color & Activity Book

Geared towards small children of preschool age, this book is an advantage in learning through sticker-filled puzzles, mazes, and drawing activities. Youngsters have over 200 stickers to assemble on either a blank piece of paper or in one of the book's mini scenarios. For example, one section features a large dinosaur with the statement, "give the purple dino some spikes." It's a great way to get your toddler learning, comprehending, and thinking from an early age!

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