Monday, July 1, 2013

Top Books For 8-Year Old Boys

The best books for 8-year olds in 2013 are riveting, engaging, and appealing to the audience of thrill-seeking little lads the world over. Friendship laced with plenty of bravery boasting moments and fast-paced action is the top plot for bookworm boys. These kids want to feel inspired and rushed with adrenaline! Plus, there's usually a vast difference between what boys will love to read and what girls will want to peruse.

For example:


The Giver (Lois Lowry)

This book is set in a futuristic world of science-fiction perfection. There's no crime, no illnesses, and everyone has a job that they can be happy with. Everyone but The Giver - a man who has, for centuries, been the keeper of memories before perfection, like true pain and heartbreak. Now he has chosen a boy to take his place; a 12-year old by the name of Jonas, who hasn't decided if he really wants this for his life. It's a tale of control and acceptance of human flaws, as Jonas discovers that being carefree isn't as easy as it seems.


Chasing the Prophecy: Beyonders (Brandon Mull)

An action-packed thrill-ride of fantasy, this is the third in a revolutionary series about battling for beliefs. Lyrian is home to oracles, wizards, and magical beings; all fighting to keep their beloved land alive. Jason and Rachael, although not Lyrian-born, have grown to love and adore the land, venturing on separate quests to secure their destinies and the town's folk they hold so dear. Friendship, courage, and valiance reign supreme!


The Third Wheel: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinney)

It's an upcoming school dance for "wimpy kid" Greg Heffley, and he shares all about it in this riotous new set of journal entries. Hilarious and relatable, Greg is desperate for a dance date! Unfortunately, his plans fall apart at the last minute, leaving him wondering whether he'll be another third wheel in his "group" date.


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