Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Colorful Books For LEGO Lovers

Kids who love building will adore LEGOs! It's a 9 out of 10 times fact, mainly because these little, colorful bricks are available in play-sets, bundles, and massive collections for all enthusiast ages. Which is why LEGO lovers galore world-wide would revel in the best LEGO books on the market. Designed to inform, entertain, and amuse, these books offer hundreds of pages on everything anyone would ever want to know about their favorite building blocks.

The following 3 are high on the preference scale:


The LEGO Ideas Book (Daniel Lipkowitz)

Have you ever been stumped on what to build, even though you're surrounded by thousands of colorful, LEGO bricks? This book is perfect for building-blocked kids and adults alike! There are 6 themed chapters on how to make everything imaginable out of any amount of LEGOs you or your kids may have collected over the years. The user-friendly, easy-to-understand guide features concepts for all ages and abilities, going from beginner to master from one page to another.


The LEGO Book (Daniel Lipkowitz)

Another favorite from LEGO lover, Lipkowitz, this book features the history and momentous achievements of the toy-making giant. There's updated information on new play-sets, information about the manufacturers, and fun facts about how each LEGO is produced. Usually, these kinds of books are boring to typical children, but this one packs a punch of colorful illustrations and fun facts to keep every page turning.


The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 1: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs, & More! (Megan H. Rothrock)

For everyone who has ever had a passion for building, this LEGO book features over 100-pages of step-by-step model ideas, and 200 examples of every adventurous, stacked creation imaginable. There are robots, trains, planes, spaceships, and so much more to keep readers well-entertained and inspired for days to come.


Find the current top-selling LEGO books for kids:


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