Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rocket Writes a Story by Tad Hills

When writing some of the best books for 5 year old kids, Tad Hills has a knack! His recent release “Rocket Writes a Story” is the sequel to his first “How Rocket Learned to Read” – all following an interesting and imaginative pup with adoration for all things literary. For parents who homeschool or teachers in a public classroom, Hills has developed plots that are timeless in a child’s reading world. Instead of encouraging children to write whatever they can think of, Rocket (the main pup in both tales) shows kids how imagination and perseverance will help them create wonderful achievements.

Why is this book so inspiring?

Adults might find it perplexing how an animated dog can teach children to put their best foot forward when it comes to reading and writing. However, those adults probably lack the imagination of aforementioned children. Kids can be inspired by anything! What better way to set a child’s ambition in motion than with one of the cutest animals in existence? A puppy! Rocket is relatable and that’s what makes this tale so inspiring.

The overall concept of this book is that Rocket is having troubles writing a story. He’s drawing a blank, dealing with writer’s block, and just can’t seem to find the words or ideas that he needs. With the help of a yellow bird, Rocket realizes he can write about anything – all the things around him become his muse and he begins to jot down descriptions and details about everything he sees.

Before long, Rocket’s written an amazing story with the help of his feathered friend, and all it took was imagination and belief that he could do it. From children to adults, we’ve all experienced the same “blocked” feeling that Rocket appears to be going through in Hills’ tale. This makes an awe-inspiring, motivating story that is fit for all ages.

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