Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ish - By Peter Reynolds

Has your child ever come home crying after a bad day at school? Was it because a peer told them their work wasn’t good enough? Or made some other rude comment that hurt your kid’s feelings? It happens – and as parents, it’s difficult to feel like there’s nothing we can do to soothe the aches of a bad day or a mean school-yard bully. Author Peter Reynolds understood this feeling, which is where his tale of “Ish” comes from. One of the best books for 6 year olds 2012, this story is one of triumph in the face of cruel comments.

What happens in this book?

Ramon is an artistic and creative little boy who draws on everything – all the time. It’s his favorite subject in school and the highlight of every single day. However, his older brother (Leon) is jealous of Ramon’s carefree sketching and laid-back attitude, choosing to make a hurtful comment and laugh at his drawing. This completely crushes Ramon’s spirit; his brother is someone he looks up to – someone whose opinion he values.

The tale goes on to relay how upset Ramon is over what his brother has said and how he reacted. He’s down in the dumps, losing all comfort and confidence in his beautiful artwork. Just as he’s at the brink of giving up drawing forever, his sister comes to the rescue with a shoebox full of some of her favorite art that he’s drawn in his short lifetime. This helps Ramon understand that he’s special and his brother was just being a big bully – something he forgives him for and apologies set everything right towards the end.

Children will be able to relate to “Ish” because it teaches them how to trust their hearts. It shows them how to differentiate between loving criticism and praise, or plain meanness. There’s a little Ramon in every classroom and home; therefore, parents and teachers will have no problem conveying this sweet, endearing self-confidence booster to all their doubting kids. Even the ‘Leons’ of the group will learn something.

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