Monday, September 15, 2014

Building Imagination with LEGO Books - Great Books for LEGO Lovers in 2014

Admittedly, you can set down a big box of LEGO bricks in front of me and I will spend hours trying to put together something amazing – even as a grown-up.

LEGO is definitely an obsession that never ceases – one that is actually oh-so-good for your creativity, but sometimes, those young-at-heart and their kiddies might run out of creative concepts. There’s good news though! Building imagination for both youngsters and adults is as easy as cracking open one of 2014's best LEGO books

I have outlined 3 awesome LEGO books for your pleasure and perusal. Each one is equipped with pages of know-how to get your kiddo (and yourself) building something awesome in no time at all:


The LEGO Ideas Book by Daniel Lipkowitz

The author of this book made a classic edition and then this revised edition which is 10 times better than the first. There are HUNDREDS of creative ideas to get your imagination moving in the right direction.

Have a bin brimming with knights, kings, and princesses of all mini-figurine shapes and sizes? Build them a thriving kingdom, complete with dragons, castles, and farmlands.

Or, perhaps you’re interested in something alien, kind-of weird, and outer-space oriented? Find the instructions for another planet where anything can happen!


LEGO Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life by Daniel Lipkowitz

Lipkowitz did it again! This LEGO book is only more of his amazing ideas with the apt tagline of “bring your bricks to life.” Only this edition is slightly smaller with only around 200 ideas packed into nearly as many pages. You and your kiddos can spend hours – even months – implementing all the ideas you find here. Let your inner building genius fly free!

Oh! One more thing – each idea is accompanied by a colorful picture to give your muse a run for its money.


LEGO Minifigure Year by Year: A Visual History by Gregory Farshtey

Over the past few decades, LEGO has introduced several new characters per year, accumulating over 2,000 mini-figurines – each with an individual personality. Some of these characters were inspired by moves and stories, but for the most part, LEGO has realized the mini-figurine dreams of many a happy block-builder.

This book features around 256 pages of every single character in current LEGO history. And while direct building instructions are elsewhere (in the aforementioned books), this edition gives kids the characters to build their bricks around.


There are some additional selections for 2014 in terms of LEGO books - both for kids and adults - you can check out a "top 10" list of them for this year here:

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