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The Best Kids' Magazines for Curious Little Learners - 2014

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Youngsters have an innate sense of adventure that (in my opinion) parents should nurture and encourage.

Instead of making up reasons why the sky is blue and where the biggest mountain in the world is, the following best kids’ magazines offer scientific fact on anything your kiddos will have a question for. Their imaginations will flourish, and their thirst for knowledge will be quenched with recurring subscriptions to child-oriented magazines, arriving in the mail every month with your young’un’s name on the address label. Exciting!

I have picked a trio of inspiring magazines – each brimming with amazing, full-color photographs, dozens of kid-friendly, learning activities, and stories galore. 


National Geographic Little Kids

With their sponge-like minds, children will love learning and grasping new concepts about their favorite animals. Every month is a different animal-themed focus, detailing the cool behaviors, markings, and habitats of each creature – all in ways youngsters can comprehend.

Don’t be surprised if your kiddo suddenly wants a tiger one month, then a monkey the next!

Not only are there pages that overflow with information and fun facts, there are also beautiful photographs and games to keep your kiddie entertained and engaged.



Ask is the perfect name for this magazine because each page encourages your children to do exactly what the name suggests… ask! Natural curiosity is something that thrives in youngsters, and there are hundreds of facts, poems, stories, illustrations, and contests in this magazine that satisfies the aforementioned curiosities. Every avenue of learning is covered – arts, animals, science, music, and so much more.

Described as oh-so-much-fun and super-cool by magazine-loving kiddos, Ask gives kids something to look forward to, striving to ignite an early passion for learning and exploring.

And how many issues can your youngster expect over a 12-month period? 9!



There are dozens of explorers in every profession, and the meaning of exploration can mean almost anything – which is why I’m including Cricket in this top 3 list. For aspiring writers and young’uns who love storytelling, each issue of this magazine is packed completely with amazing stories told by professional authors and like-minded tykes. There are opportunities to send in custom poems and stories, as well as games and activities associated with each tale.

9 issues are spread across 12 months, and each publication is filled with child-friendly literature and intriguing puzzles. This is the kind of magazine I would have LOVED as a kid.


There are more magazines for kids for this year that are pretty amazing to expand on kids' imaginations - find them here:


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